Finding Things

Forks Crossing-IMG_3736


Nancy and I walk¬†a lot. I can’t recall how long ago we found our first fork in the road, but forks in the road are like a lot of things: once you start looking for them you realize there are quite a few out there in the world.







We often begin a walk with one of us saying “What’ll we do if we find a chicken?” and the other adding “or a puppy?”

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We call this the New Jerusalem Flea Flicker Sheet because we found it as we walked past the New Jerusalem Baptist Church. We hope the game went all right.

New Jerusalem Flea Flicker Sheet-IMG_0004


by Charlie Hartness

Don’t you flea flicker me Hail Mary

Button hook ain’t goan help you now

Crack back ain’t allowed Jack

Falter you got a quarter back sack

I see a long line

An arc without the two by two

I see the spinning skin from your daddy’s hog lot

Coming home coming down

To the cradling hands

The long lean cradling hands 

That you’ve got.




Spoon Rest Rust Face-IMG_3749