Events, dates and other things of note:

Hello friends and thank you for visiting. 

Teach a boy the ukulele today.


Look at what Baby Doll got for Christmas!


  • HPR will play at Coffee and Culture, 4-6 pm March 28, 2017 at the Gwinnett Campus of UGA: Coffee and Culture
  • HPR is looking forward to playing for The Georgia Review Earth Day Program featuring writer and environmentalist John Lane April 19, 2017 at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia Visitors’ Center atrium. Music at 6:30, Mr. Lane’s presentation at 7.
  • Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week at Mars Hill College  There is a fantastic line-up of classes at Mars Hill. Charlie and Nancy will teach an afternoon uke class at the June 4-10, 2017 session.
  • Alabama Folk School Old Time Music and Crafts Session  October 12-15, 2017. Check out the schedule. HPR will teach an afternoon ukulele mini-class. 
  • Practice Time

    Practice Time

  • Used to be on the radio: For years we enjoyed Robb Holmes’ live radio show It’s Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern time, Fridays, of course. Robb had a great run on WUGA radio, and we miss his voice and spirit coming to us over the air waves.



We had a great time playing and visiting with Robb Holmes on It’s Friday. 

Mississippi You’re My Home-by Charlie Hartness. Nancy Hartness on guitar & vocals.

What We Gonna Do If We Find A Chicken?-by Charlie Hartness. Nancy Hartness on guitar & vocals.

I Want To Build An Aeroplane -by Charlie and Nancy Hartness- Nancy on guitar. 

  • The Alabama Folk School    Check out their year-round class offerings in music, crafts and art.
  • One year we taught an Alabama Folk School uke class in the atrium of the chapel at Camp McDowell, a great spot for playing and singing. The class was taking a break after learning a two chord version of The Hokey Pokey. The door opened and the Harmony Singing teachers Ann Whitley and Kathy Hinkle came into our room. Stop, we said. You can only pass through this space if you will DO THE HOKEY POKEY while we play it. They did, and we did. (Joyce Cauthen played AND pokeyed).
  • Ann Whitley and friends do the Hokey Pokey on May Day at Jack and Jill, High Point, NC ca. 1954

    Ann Whitley and friends do the Hokey Pokey on May Day at Jack and Jill, High Point, NC ca. 1954. Ann is the first girl on the right.

    That’s the ROOSTER REPORT as of 24 February, 2017: Oh, my mercy!—Nancy and I are still happily playing music down here in The Athens of Georgia. Give a shout if you’d like a live acoustic duo to play, sing and get your gathering tapping their toes, swaying as they waltz, or singing, humming or lip synching along at your reception, anniversary, book signing, symposium, Chautauqua, or party. We’re still working on our own first album and will tell you when it’s out. Meanwhile, we are fortunate to have been invited to play with some stellar musicians on three projects: Spencer & Rains-The Old Texas Fiddle Vol II-Weird Tunes of Old Texas (we call it the red cd), “The Skeleton Keys”, a new recording and art book combination (coming out early this summer) and Adventures in Old Cranberry by The Sky Island Stringband, with Jimmy Triplett and Candy Goldman

  • Give a wave and say hey if you see us walking around Athens or any other town in this beautiful land.
  • July 12 is the birthday of George Washington Carver and Tom Collicott, two of our heroes.